Items of Note

Please use the following link to view the current township fee schedule.
2024 Township Fee Schedule

RESOLUTION 24-02 2024-REVISED Fee Schedule

Franklin Township has a Burning Ordinance that all approved fires shall be maintained by a competent person between the hours 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. with the exception of bonfires that must be maintained by a competent person until completely extinguished. Please use the following link to access the ordinance.
ORDINANCE NO. 67 – Burning

Please dial “811” before you dig for any improvements.

In Franklin Township, no lot or open structure shall be used as a storage area for junk vehicles, or vehicles with no current registration and/or inspection, appliances, or the storage or collection of any other miscellaneous items.

If you need a dead deer carcass removed along a state road call PennDot at 724-284-8800. For removal along a township road call the PA Game Commission at 814-432-3187.

Requests for Action/Complaints must be completed in writing and signed by an individual. Requests for Action are best discussed with the Zoning Officer so that you can give all the information needed to help us resolve your concern.

If you are paving your driveway, please contact the township for a new Driveway Permit. The $30 Driveway Permit fee pays for the Road Foreman to come to your property and help you and/or your contractor ensure that no damage will be done to your new pavement by the township snow plows as well as ensuring water impacts are mitigated.

Since we fund our schools with property taxes, Building Permits or Assessment Permits are required for most structures, permanent or temporary, and whether or not they are subject to the Commonwealth’s building code: the Universal Construction Code. Please contact the township office for information on how to apply for a permit.